The New York Times: King Michael says that the dictatorship disappeared from Romania, but not the communism

Regele Mihai I al României

King Michael considers that most of those governing Romania are people from the past who changed their political view but not the mentality. The statement of the Romanian sovereign was published in a prestigious newspaper “The New York Times".

The king also says that "after 40 years when we have been through hard times, now we deal with a far more difficult issue", considering that in Romania "the dictatorship disappeared but not the communism".

"They say that this is not the end of communism in Romania. Well, it is not like that. It is the end of dictatorship, but certain things remained and they are very hard to change", His Majesty states.

The king says that "the current governing coalition tried to fight against the corruption which has been affecting Romania after the collapse of communism", but "these efforts limited to a low level": "There are Byzantine habits which preserved and which are very, very hard to understand in the Western countries".

In the large article containing many data in his existence, the king, who turned 85 years old and who spent more decades in exile, admits that he does not feel completely home in Romania. The explanation is that "if you think of what happened one cannot erase the past".

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