A century ago season greetings card - Romanian Royal Family

A Happy New Year 2009 … a hundred years later

The Romanian Royal Family, 1909

The Romanian Royal Family, 1909 - Diana Mandache collection

In 1909 King Carol celebrated his 70th anniversary. The Romanians were very fond of their monarchs and season greetings cards like this were very popular in Bucharest.

Birthday celebrations at Bucharest: King Carol I during his speech at the Gala Dinner at the Royal Palace on 20 April 1909 expressed his warm thanks to the German Emperor for having sent Wilhelm, the Crown Prince of Germany to congratulated him on his 70th birthday. King Carol said:

“The Emperor gives me thereby a new proof of his sentiments of kinship and strengthens the bond of love that for long years has existed between us. My appointment as General Field Marshal makes closer my bond with the Prussian Army which during the 50 years that has existed has become indissoluble”.


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