Royal Family’s 20 years of public engagements

Romanian Prime Minister and state dignitaries join Royal Family in celebrating 20 years since King Michael I returned to Bucharest and started official engagements on behalf of Romania

Tuesday, March 21, 2017, Crown Princess Margareta, Custodian of the Crown of Romania, hosted at Elisabeta Palace in Bucharest a ceremony followed by dinner, to celebrate two decades of the Royal Family’s public engagements, in the country and abroad, with the support of the Government, on behalf of Romania. Prince Radu and Princess Marie were in attendance. In the last twenty years, the royal co-operation continued with ten different Governments of Romania.

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, as well as the minister of Defence, the Chief of General Staff, state secretaries of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence, and generals of the Romanian Armed Forces attended the event. President Emil Constantinescu and Prime Minister Victor Ciorbea (both in office, in 1997) were also present. Former Prime Ministers, former ministers of Foreign Affairs, The Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, the president of the Romanian Academy and members of the Diplomatic Corps attended the celebration.

On March 21, 1997, His Majesty King Michael started the first “NATO Royal visit”, in Great Britain, to support Romania’s membership into NATO. It was a historic day, since Romania is today a member state of both NATO and EU, and the Royal Family continued uninterruptedly the official engagements ever since.

Over 10,000 public engagements inside the country and 31 official visits abroad were undertaken by King Michael, Queen Anne, and, nowadays, Crown Princess Margareta, Prince Radu and other members of the Royal Family.

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